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Meridian Entertainment

"Missy always goes the extra mile to please not only her devoted road warrior fans who travel many miles to see her, but those new faces that take with them a very energetic memory.  She is a true "lifer" as we say in the biz!" 

Hunter Brucks, Meridian Entertainment


From the Great Lakes of Michigan, to the Black Hills of South Dakota

"If you want and need a first-rate music entertainer who can really draw crowds of fans to your event and make every one of them feel glad they came, hire Iron Cowgirl. The band has a huge social media following and hundreds of fans who will drive for miles to support her concerts.  She rides her own bike, rides her own horse and writes original songs that appeal to free-spirited people.  I have seen her take on motorcycle rallies and Sturgis, Texas and many other places and live stream and promote before, during and after the event. I would highly recommend her."

     -Mary Jo Reynolds- Motorcycle Event News

"Iron Cowgirl is a great choice to help blow up any event.  Not only do fans love the band, the music and the message, Iron Cowgirl will take aim, sail smooth, and blast your event dizzy on every social media site in existence."

     -Daymon Woodruff- Director of Bar Operations and Showcase Entertainment at Sturgis Buffalo Chip


Making Music to Life, and Chasing Dreams

"Iron Cowgirl Missy's music is about real life- a life she has experienced and continues to experience to the fullest."

     -Christine Paige Diers- Executive director, Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame

"Iron Cowgirl Missy is a band that's all about good vibes and living your dreams.. Fused blues, country and rock to form a unique sound that is sure to give you a good feeling once you hear it. For them it's not about getting rich, it's about spreading a positive message and paving the way for others who may be hesitant following their dreams."

     -Kristie Love- LCC Radio- Lansing, MI


Life is Good, it's Another Great Day

"Missy rocks the house and brings in the fans where ever she perfomrs. I've seen it first hand."

     -Kevin Bean're- Professional Tourist


"Her music is beautiful and heart-wrenchinng at the same time. Cutting Edge Music, Good Stuff."

     -Scott Miller- WCHG 107.1- Hot Springs, VA.


Real Life, Real Fight

 "Missy and the band have been such a huge support system for ovarian cancer awareness. Missy Covill has donated her time and sponsored the trip for the last three years to come to Texas and help raise money and awareness for We Fight Like A Girl and Ovarian Cancer.  Not only is she a fantastic story teller with her amazing songs, she is a kind soul and wonderful friend."

     -Ruth Helton-President of We Fight Like A Girl against ovarian cancer

"Missy's story is an icon for all to identify when it comes to truly finding freedom to the road.  Admittley, many have faultered in recent years to truly get that.  I am inspired and feel her music reflects the passion associated with the vibration of the road and the strings of her guitar."

     -Jeff Starke- Master Bike Builders Association

"In order to make a living playing music, it helps to be equal parts single-mindedly driven and open to new possibilities.  Missy Covill, who plays under the name, Iron Cowgirl Missy, has proven time and time again that she carries both attributes in spades."

    -Jeremy Martin- Battle Creek Enquirer

Move the Crowd

"Iron Cowgirl Missy is without a doubt the 'real deal'.  Once you see her live, you will understand that she is one of the rare few that are singing from the soul.  It's just a matter of time before this amazing artist is sharing her life with the masses."

     -Dennis Hinson, Motorjam Productions- Texas OTT Rally

"We're had the great luck of meeting Iron Cowgirl Missy at various events over the last couple years.  Great Sound, and what is even greater is the story behind the girl. Their energy is contagious and their hearts can be felt throughout the crowd."

    -Laura Mae Benson-Texas Thunder Roads Magazine




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