Iron Cowgirl Missy

Listening to just a few minutes of a Missy Covill song reveal that the Iron Cowgirl is a determined and serious rock artist with a distinctive ability to tell stories through her music. Her first album “Heart of Steel” was released in 2010, second album, “Chasing My Dreams” released in 2012 and in 2017, “Switching Gears was released. After five years, Missy Covill is bringing a Southern Rock feel, and some sass, with her new album. In 2018, tragedy hit home when the love of her life suddenly passed away. The grief consumed her for many years and now she is healing through her music with her new album, “Where Do I Run”. “There is a story to be told about overcoming what she thought was going to kill her, and this album will do just that!”.  Now she is absolutely chasing her dreams: writing, performing, meeting so many amazing people, and recording music that mirrors her life. Missy Covill is honored and humbled to have accepted awards from the United States Military, St. Jude Children’s hospital, MDA, WFLAG and many other charities. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, AMA, Motor Maid, Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, and HOG member, she has logged over 150,000 miles on two wheels and shares her stories of survival through her music and encouraging others to always chase their dreams and never give up. Music and motorcycles are a couple things that make Missy Covill feel at home while performing. After overcoming cancer, and matters of the heart, she packed up everything she could fit onto her Harley-Davidson (Mr. Bones) along with her guitar, and hit the road with only $250 in cash and a tent. Her 15,000 mile, ten-week journey chronicled in her song “Open Road,” took her around the coast of Michigan, down to the Gulf of Mexico, back up through the Smoky Mountains, and ultimately to Sturgis, South Dakota which hosts the largest annual motorcycle event in the world.

The dedicated band members compliment the raw emotion of her lyrics. The band has been a Showcase Artist for the world’s largest music and motorcycling event, and has become a staple at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. The band has been featured on the cover of magazines, many radio stations and shared the stage with many national acts including The Doobie Brothers, The Charlie Brechtel Band and The Fryed Brothers Band. The band has also opened for David Allen Coe, Confederate Railroad, Tesla, WAR, Madison Rising, and Saliva. This little lady is making an impression on the music industry and chasing her dreams with a fury!


Missy has the ability with her band to scale to your needs. Campfire or Concerts


Private Events

Missy is a versital at configuring her band to fit into any situation. Private events bring many options for set up and presentation. Feel free to ask how we can fit into your event.


Clubs are a standard and can be easily stuctured to fit into your club with times, encentives and branding to market your club


Corporate events are one of Missy favorite parties! Knowing that everyone is there to enjoy and appreciate that their organization cares about them.


Whether its for 10 or 10,000 she does them all. From the Sturgis Buffalo Chip to the horse campfire, Missy just loves people and enjoys sharing her experiences with them all.

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