“Covill admits she isn’t the best singer, writer or guitar player, but she found people could relate to her story-and songs. Organizers of this year’s Buffalo Chip thought so too, and kept her on the bill for the largest music festival in the world.”

Claire Cummings

Jackson Citizen Patriot

 “As a morning Radio Host, I receive a lot of new music from entertainers that would like to pick up air time, and the station I work for is owned by a musician that has worked with Missy and sent me over her music and the first time I heard her start to belt out those licks on the guitar I was hooked!  Then when I heard her voice and lyrics I was speechless. I still am speechless when it comes to Missy, I would Highly recommend Missy for any event!!!!!!!!!!”

Joe Andrews

BIC Radio

“You Rock, literally!”

Linda Dalton

“what an awesome time, Iron Cowgirl ROCKED em.”

Suzie Nelson-Peters

 “The Iron Cowgirl rocked the house and her original music touched my heart and went right to my soul. She sings about the important things in life. So if you get a chance don’t miss it.”

Evoe Joe

“Her music is beautiful and heart-wrencing at the same time.”

Scott Miller

“If you are looking for a performer for your event or venue, Missy and her band will rock your world! Great original music that any crowd will love. Hire her!”

Sharon L. Robertson

 “Missy has accomplised so much in such little time.  She has and will travel the distance to make a crowd feel at home. She is Dedicated, Loyal and one of the Best Entertainers I know.”

William Bracey

“Awesome performance!!”

Dawn Lair

 “Great job last night in Peoria. We felt your excitement and we TY for taking us for the RIDE. Hope to get to see you again!”

Kimberly Fischer Pemble

“You all rocked this weekend.”

Chasiti Judd Archer

“Awesome show last night! Hope u get to come back and see us again!! Have to admit my wife was skeptical at first…..but you rocked the expo gardens that’s for sure!!!!!!!”

Matt N Marcy Songer

“Iron Cowgirl is one of the best shows you will find!! She lays out her own heart and soul on the stage! Anyone that ever is ever lucky enough to be part of performance will never forget it!”

Darla Hubbard Brown

“You are amazing Thank You for coming. I cant wait to see and hear you again”

Jari Hilpipre

“It was very good!”

Steve Surratt

“Have been following her for several years. Love her music.”

Raedene Doxsie

“Little did we know that Iron Cowgirl Missy would be so good. She put on a hell of a show.If you ever get the chance to see her, don’t miss it!!”

Scott Ward

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending several concerts and benefits that Iron Cowirl Missy has performed at and her talent, lyrics and musicality are pure down home, from the heart entertainment.  She is part of a growing genre of musicians who not only provide great music but also are writing and preserving a history of an American culture.  Anyone who has ever thrown a leg over a motorcycle, no matter what brand, can immediately identify with the songs Missy writes. I look forward to her newest songs and seeing her again at a live performance.”

Tony Sanfelipo

 “I first heard Missy Covill aka The Iron Cowgirl in 2010 at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis where she was performing. My friend Charlie Brechtel told me about her. I heard her before I got to the stage and started to get a good feeling and then my feet started to think I could dance.  That is a good sign that I like what I am hearing. I have to say, I was impressed as I continued to listen. Later in the day I got to actually meet her and as we talked about the 15,000 miles she had ridden in 10 weeks before ending up at the Chip I got more interested. Over the next couple years I got to know more about her and her music and went to see her when we were in the same part of the country.  As more people heard her, her popularity grew and continues to do so. I would like to suggest if you are in an area she is performing you go and see her and if you are an event Promoter, you consider hiring her.”

John Rogue

“We’ve had the great luck of running into Iron Cowirl Missy at various events over the last couple years… Great Sound!  What’s even greater is the story behind the girl. Her music is a mix of Country and good Southern Rock; rocking the stage, but also offering great story-telling ballads.  Their energy is contagious and their hearts can be felt throughout the crowd;bringing it along for the ride.”

Texas Thunder Roads Magazine

“Missy, your story is a icon for all to identify when it comes to truly finding freedom to the road. Admittley, many have faultered in recent years to truly get that.  I am inspired and by your experiences I feel your music will reflect the passion associated with the vibration of the road and the strings of your guitar and band harmony.”

Jeff Starke

Master Bike Builders Assoc.

“Missy rocks the house and brings in the fans where ever she performs. I’ve seen it first hand.”

Kevin Bean're

Professional tourist

“Iron Cowgirl Missy is a band that’s all about good vibes and living your dreams.  They fuse blues, country, and rock to form a unique sound that is sure to give you a good feeling once you hear it. For them it’s not about getting rich, it’s about spreading a positive message and paving the way for others who may be hesitant following their dreams.”

LLC Radio Productions

“If you want and need a first-rate music entertainer who can really draw crowds of fans to your event and make every one of them feel glad they came, hire Missy Covill.  She has a huge social media following, and hundreds of fans who will drive for miles to support her concerts. She rides her own bike and rides her own horse, and writes original songs that appeal to free-spirited people. Her music is probably what you would call country-folk with a little bit of pop-rock in the mix. She works hard to promote her music, leave a positive impression with people and most importantly:be her own woman with heart. I have seen her take on motorcycle rallies at Sturgis, in Texas and other places and live stream and promote before, during and after the event. I would HIGHLY recommend her!”

Mary Jo Reynolds-Pezzi

MC Event News

“Missy is the real deal.”

Charlie Brechtel


“Missy is an eneretic and passionate performer who gives every performance her all!”

Belt Drive Betty


“Unique and talented-Missy sets the stage on FIRE when she Plays.  Missy is a MUST for your next event or show-She Rocks and is the most personable performer I have ever met.”

Stevie Breitling

 “In order to make a living playing music it helps to be equal parts single-mindedly driven and open to new possibilities. Missy Covill, who plays under the name Iron Cowgirl Missy, has proven time and time again that she carries both attributes in spades.”

Jeremy Martin

Battle Creek Enquirer

 “Iron Cowgirl Missy is without a doubt the ‘real deal’.  Once you see her live, you will understand that she is one of the rare few that are singing from the soul.”

Dennis Hinson

Motorjam Productions

“Girl Power with Biker grit-Missy has the heart of Bob Dylan with the voice of an angelic talent. Cannot be missed, she is truly FREE.”

Sarah Van Sweden Wichtner

101.9fm Sturgis, SD

“One of the best entertainers was The Iron Cowgirl, Missy Covill. She’s a beautiful and talented young lady who plays guitar, writes songs, sings beautifully, and rides her own bike! You just can’t wish for more than that.”

Bill Shaw

Author of Another excellent road trip

“I love how you interact with your fans.”

Bianca Crawford

“Your heart goes into your music.”

Judith Moore

“Loved your music..can’t wait to see you and your band play again.”

Gary Taylor

“Iron Cowgirl’s stage presence is extremely personable and relatable, two VERY important aspects.”

John Robinson

99.1 Cumulus Broadcasting

 “You can hear a plea in her music. We raised more money at our fundraiser with her than ever! Definitly a record for across the board.

Scott Miller

WCHG 107.1 Hot Springs, VA

“Iron Cowgirl is a Great Choice to help Blow Up and event!  Not only do fans love the band, the music and the message, Iron Cowirl will take aim, sail smooth, and blast your event dizzy on every social media site in existence. She makes music that people connect to: Real Life Music. Everyone becomes a fan, Everyone.”

Daymon Woodruff

Director, Legendary Buffalo Chip

“Missy started professionally writing and singing songs years ago, and ever since, she has been on the fast track to success.”

Michelle Swartz

Monroe Evening News

“Missy and the band have been such a huge support system for ovarian cancer awareness. Missy Covill has donated her time and sponsored the trip for the last three years to come to Texas and help raise money and awareness for We Fight Like A Girl and Ovarian Cancer.  Not only is she a fantastic story teller with her amazing songs, she is a kind soul and wonderful friend.”

Ruth Helton

President, We Fight Like A Girl against ovarian cancer