OTT Rally, Nacogdoches, Texas – A ‘One Night Stand’ against ovarian cancer

Great memories made in Nacogdoches, Texas for the Charity, We Fight Like A Girl, raising money for ovarian cancer awareness. Everyone met in Shreveport, Louisiana prior to rolling into Texas. The band and I checked into our rooms then met all the riders for a great dinner.  The following day, upon arrival, the band met a multitude of Texans for a warm welcome into the State and they escorted us to the venue. The memories made On The Road created life long friendships!  Earlier in the year I received an email from a woman in Houston, Texas named Ruth.  She told me about her battle with ovarian cancer and asked if we would be interested in performing in Texas. After some planning, I emailed her back and said Absolutely!  I’m so glad Ruth contacted me, we became great friends and traveled to Texas many times. She was one of the strongest women I’ve ever met and we all miss her very much! Many thanks to the OTT Rally for having us!

RIP Ruth Helton 9-17-66 – 2-6-2018